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November 12, 2013

My Presentation on Oracle Solaris Zones Capacity Management

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So one more successful annual conference of All India Oracle Users Group (AIOUG) happened on November 9th and 10th at Hyderabad, India.

Earlier I used to attend Oracle database sessions at AIOUG but this time AIOUG board had done a remarkable job by extending the coverage to Solaris topics. Obviously as a Capacity Management professional this gave me an opportunity to listen what is going in Solaris world and at the same time share my knowledge around the subject matter. As part of this, I’ve presented a paper on Effective Capacity and Performance management in Solaris Zones environment.

Those who couldn’t attend it can download the paper here. I intentionally kept it bit verbose so that readers will have more details around the topics. Any questions, doubts or suggestions are welcome :-)


October 7, 2011

Capacity Planning and Performance Management on IBM PowerVM Virtualized Environment

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It’s always a great opportunity when you get a situation which you never faced, scenario you never worked on, technology you never experienced. As someone rightly said – the new challenges we confront today, decide our knowledge curve tomorrow. I believe in this philosophy and always challenge myself with something new.

As a capacity planner, I have to be proficient in virtualization techniques and latest happening in this space. Last year I got an opportunity to work on IBM’s power systems.  Being from Solaris/Linux background it was quite difficult in the beginning to grasp the terminologies as they are different from Oracle VM, Solaris logical domains. So I decided to learn it and get comfortable with it. My paper is a result of my efforts in that direction.

Virtualization is integral part of today’s Infrastructure and beleive it or not most of the applications/services we use on a daily basis run on virtualized environment “beautifully” wrapped with cloud’s charasteristics. There are several virtualization technologies and the vendor market is also crowded enough. In my paper I have discussed operating system virtualization offer from IBM. Hope you will enjoy the reading. Any comments (postive/negative), feedback, corrections are most welcome.

Link to the paper

Happy reading …

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