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June 26, 2012

Poll Results and upcoming Oracle Event in Pune

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Last month I have posted a poll on my blog and LinkedIn group Oracle Database Performance Tuning about suggestions for a topic for webcast. I am enraptured by the response I got and as you can see below majority of the people have voted in favor of presentation title “Database Capacity Planning how to start?”.

This is inline to my expectations. Last year I have delivered a presentation at AIOUG’s annual meet Sangam11 on the topic “Day Someone Say the word Capacity?”. It was about the basics and concepts related to Capacity planning in general with some specific examples related to Oracle database. Interested people can download the presentation at AIOUG website or Papers and Presentations section of my blog. Since then I have been receiving emails asking how can one start doing Capacity plan for their Oracle databases. The curiosity is also visible in the poll results.

Before organizing a webcast of people’s favorite topic “Database Capacity Planning how to start?”, I am presenting it on upcoming 1-day Event in Pune called “TechDay @ Pune”. It will be on 28th July 2012 at Pune. Details are available here TechDay @Pune.

After this presentation soon I will plan for a webcast on the same topic. Looking forward to meet you on 28th July in case you live in or near to Pune otherwise we will chat during the webcast.

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