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1. “Oracle Database Capacity Planning: How to Start”

Date of Presentation: July 28, 2012

Description: The presentation delivered during the AIOUG’s tech day @Pune explains how to scientifically start doing Capacity Planning for an Oracle Database.

2. “Did Someone Say the Word Capacity?” 

Date of Presentation: Dec 9, 2011

Description: The presentation I delivered at Bangalore during Sangam11 of AIOUG

3. Capacity Planning and Performance Management on IBM PowerVM Virtualized Environment

Date of release: Oct 7, 2011

Description: Capacity Planning and Performance Management of CPU on IBM PowerVM environment.

4. Everything You want to know about Oracle Histograms Part-1

Date of release: Nov 12, 2010

Description: This paper discusses basic concepts and terminology of Oracle Histograms.

5. Proactive Detection of Performance Problems using Adaptive Thresholds

Date of Release : Feb’2009

Description: The problem of finding appropriate value of threshold for performance metrics makes the life of DBAs difficult. Oracle 10g release 2 introduced a new feature called adaptive threshold that solves this issue. Adaptive thresholds use statistical measures of central tendency and variability to characterize normal system behavior and trigger alerts when observed behavior deviates significantly from the norm.
This paper discusses concepts of Adaptive Thresholds functionality and how to set and use them.

6. Linear Regression: An Approach for Forecasting

Date of Release: Mar’2009

Description: This paper is all about forecasting Oracle-based system’s performance using a statistical method called “Linear Regression”. In the appendix, I’ve discussed a method to use Statspack/AWR performance metrics to analyze the trend using Pl/SQL code and Oracle’s linear regression functions.


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